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>> Nov 18, 2009

At present, I’m a mom and an eight-to-five employee. I’ve never had the chance to pursue higher education or even take my masters degree after graduating college. Now I can see how important it is. I should have followed my aunt’s advice. Maybe, if I was just that brave to pursue my master degree, I might be taking a different path in my career.

But I guess during those times, I was hindered in pursuing a higher education since taking up a master degree is expensive. Now, it’s different. As technology evolves, education is also evolving and developing. Now, even working professionals can still have the chance to pursue higher education while working. Today the net is not just for searching and surfing. You can also get even an online mba by enrolling to an online university, such as the Western Governors University. They are one of the leading online universities that offer affordable and accessible education online. Online education is now the hottest trend for working professionals who wish to learn more and pursue higher education. Why not when they can work and study and the same time, at their own pace, on their preferred schedule at the convenience of their home, right? If given the chance, I would definitely pursue my masters degree and get it from a reputable online university.

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