A Settlement for My Accident

I recently got into a car accident and it was the other guy’s fault.  Unfortunately, after we exchanged insurance information, I realized that I had suffered a neck injury and was going to be out of work while I attempted to get better.  When discussing my injury with the guy I was in the wreck with, it became apparent that he was not going to willingly help me out.  This was something that definitely bothered me, and so I knew that I was going to need to get some help if I were going to get the money I needed in order to cover all of my hospital bills and to be able to get by while I was not working.  Thankfully, I found the Facebook account of a good personal injury lawyer at https://www.facebook.com/nickoberheiden/.  After consulting with the lawyer one time, he said that I had a really good case and that I ought to be able to get a decent settlement.

    Well, he did not have to negotiate with the other guy’s attorney for long before they came back with a settlement.  Not only was the settlement enough to cover my hospital bills and help me to get by while I recovered and could not go to work, but it was actually a whole lot more than I had expected.  This was a great surprise, and it was something that made things a whole lot easier for me.  I am definitely glad that I found this lawyer.


    I always tell people who have had a problem with an injury due to someone else that they need to make sure that they get legal representation so that they are covered for all of their expenses.  I am glad I took my own advice in this case.