The Art of Finding Cheap E Juice

cheap e juice

When you finally get that great tank electronic cigarette you have been wanting, you will need lots of e juice to go with it. The thing about tanks is that they do produce a great deal more flavor without a doubt, so you want the best flavors you can get. On the flipside, they also use more of the liquid than smaller basic electronic cigarettes do. Your best bet in terms of cost for finding cheap e juice is to go online and look for a good seller who offers volume discount pricing with a wide range of flavors.

When you do this and establish an account with the company, then you have the inside line on the least expensive e juice for your sub-ohm tank. Many of the better flavors can run between $25 and $30 just for 60ml. Granted, the flavors may be awesome and the convenience of buying it right there at the store is tempting, but if you have the possibility to save 50% or more on the same thing, why would you not do that instead?

Rest assured, if you enjoy vaping, you will go through plenty of e juice and this is the perfect reason to have a steady supplier who produces quality products at consistently affordable prices which blow the competition away. You want your maximum vapes at maximum savings and it only takes a little bit of work to find a good site on the internet.

What you will want to look for is a high level of vegetable glycerin to PG ration of about 80% to 20% for any sub-ohm tanks and you probably don’t need to go higher than 6 mg. The other thing to look for on a good e juice site is a massive selection and the option to buy at least 120ml at a time to save money.